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Welcome to the project for Project Innocence. I hope you will enjoy the game as it develops. I am excited to meet new friends here as well as make games for you folks. Here is what you need to know about my game development process to give you an idea on how I make my games: 

  • Demo Builds: I will be doing 2-3 demo builds before making a main game build. These demo builds I will be releasing will give you all an idea of what mechanics to expect for the following main game build. Demo builds will not have an official story as that is reserved for the main game build that follows. These builds will also give me an idea of what you folks like and don't like for me to put in the main game build for the game. 
  • Main Game Builds: Main game builds will be the one you really want to wait for. This where your feedback and comments will come into play. The story and the mechanics you enjoyed from the demo builds will be featured here. 
  • Bonus Items/  Resources: In each demo and main game build, you will receive bonus items and resources that I make just for you folks. These bonus items and resources are, but not limited to plugins I make, calculators, and more. 
  • Documentation: The most important part of my game development process is documentation. This is where you will see what is new, what I have changed, and more. This will help you out in the game without spoiling story plots. I may even drop hints on future projects and more. 

I hope you enjoy the project as it develops. For those who want to check out my game development site, here it is: 



ProjectInnocenceWin.zip 351 MB
Mar 28, 2018
ProjectInnocenceMAC.zip 352 MB
Mar 28, 2018
ProjectInnocenceLIN.zip 356 MB
Mar 28, 2018
Demo Build 1.0.1.docx 1 MB
Mar 28, 2018

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